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Gobblerpedia is a community-made repository of free information about Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, and the surrounding area. While this wiki isn't necessarily restricted to Virginia Tech, it can be expected that much of the content will focus specifically on the university.

Selected Recent Contributions

Here's a list of recently-created articles that people may find useful or interesting:


See this list of top-level categories for a list of what's currently available. If you are creating a page, we would prefer if you stick to these pre-existing categories or their subcategories to keep things meticulously organized.


Gobblerpedia differs from Wikipedia in that sources do not necessarily need to be cited. Since we aim to gather original history from students, faculty, alumni, and townies, we realize that printed or online sources may not necessarily be available. Please add (or import from an appropriately licensed source) any information you think might be worth sharing. Be bold; during the initial growth phase, write first and ask questions later. Leaving off "at Virginia Tech" is an easy way to keep article names short(er). See the the list of categories above for an overview of what's currently available. We also have a list of pages that people would particularly like to see created. If you are looking for guidelines, Wikipedia's conventions and the University Style Guide are the best starting points.

Work is ongoing on templates that will ease the documentation of common classes of articles, such as courses, textbooks, and departments, but the templates can easily be added to existing material so don't wait on them to add material.