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There are a number of surveillance cameras located around the Virginia Tech campus. Although they were previously maintained and monitored by individual departments, with the implementation of Virginia Tech Policy 5617, all new installations will be centrally monitored by the Virginia Tech Police Department and supported by Communications Network Services. Although not officially permitted by the policy, the security cameras are also being monitored by Parking Services.

Areas currently under surveillance including parking lots, the Drillfield, and public spaces like the Library Plaza and Dietrick Plaza.[1] [2]


Beginning in April 2011, Virginia Tech entered a three-phase contract with X7 Systems, a company based in Fairfax, VA, to install up to 2500 surveillance cameras on the main Blacksburg campus. The first phase of the project included installing up to 50 cameras in the Perry Street Garage, and the second phase includes upgrading the existing approximately 250 cameras on campus.[3] According to publicly available documents, over $800,000 has been spent on the project so far.

Technical Details

All cameras installed after 2011 are a mix of brands, but are all IP-based and use Power over Ethernet. Brands seen around campus include 4XEM, AXIS, Arecont Vision, Pelco, and Sony. They are being placed in the private subnet, which is a portion of the subnet used for wifi clients, clocks, and other things; cameras are typically inaccessible to normal users due to firewalling and/or routing policies.


Virginia Tech also has a number of webcams that are used for various purposes. Some of these are legacy surveillance cameras that have not yet been brought into compliance with the new policy, and others are used by University Relations and other departments to showcase construction projects or for publicity purposes.




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