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Free information or free content is any kind of functional work, artwork, or other creative content, which meets the free content definition,[1] by having no restrictions on one's freedom to use, distribute copies, modify, and to distribute derived works of the content.[2] Free information in its various forms is leveraged and created by a number of Virginia Tech services and projects.

Software Libre

Software libre or free software is software that allows all users to:

  1. Run the software as they wish
  2. Study and change the source code as they wish
  3. Copy and distribute the software as they wish
  4. Create and distribute modified versions as they wish

A number of projects at Virginia Tech either leverage existing software libre, or new projects themselves.

Software Libre Projects Originating at Virginia Tech

Virginia Tech Projects Leveraging Software Libre

Free Cultural Works

Some free cultural works have also originated at from Virginia Tech. These include:

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