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Hillcrest Hall

  • Floor 1 - The lobby appears to be unlocked during the day and contains tables, couches, and a conference room

McBryde Hall

  • Floor 1 - The entire first floor is open 24/7
    • CS Lounge (enforced by Hokie Passport; if you're signed up for at least one CS course you can access)
  • Floor 3 - Open 24/7
    • There is a Math department computer lab on this floor

Newman Library

  • 5 - Designated quiet floor
  • 4 - Group study
  • 3 - Designated quiet floor
  • 2 - Group study
  • 1 - Has the cafe and reading room
  • 1b - Area on floor 1 that has the special collections
  • B - Actual basement. Probably not for students but there aren't any signs saying so, either. Accessible only by utility elevator down the long hallway on 1b. If the elevator breaks you'll probably die down there :( There's also external access on the side of university plaza.

Patton Hall

  • Floor 2
    • Undergraduate Study Lounge

Torgersen Hall

Torgersen Hall is open 24/7 to users with a valid Hokie Passport.

  • Floor 1
    • Tables, chairs, and couches (open 24 hours)
  • Floor 3
    • Torgersen Bridge is open 24/7, but the actual doors connecting it to Newman Library are locked

Whittemore Hall

Whittemore Hall is closed after 10pm and on weekends. ECE majors (or those enrolled in at least one ECE class) have 24/7 access via Hokie Passport.

  • Floor 3
    • 318 - ECE & ISE Student Study Area (not enforced)
  • Floor 4

New Classroom Building

NCB has several dedicated study spaces on all floors.

Bishop Favrao Hall

There are wheeled trapezoidal tables, chairs, and plenty of power outlets distributed throughout the hallway of the upper floors. Construction Engineering majors have swipe access after-hours.