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CS Lounge observation window
CS Lounge observation window

The CS Lounge is part of the Computer Science department's Undergraduate Learning Center, which opened in 2009 and covers much of McBryde Hall's first floor (Room 106 and 110). The space was carved out of several older labs.

Access is restricted via Hokie Passport to those enrolled in at least one CS course.

There are Ethernet portals available along the east and west walls; any MAC address registered with CNS can be used.

The CS Lounge, along with the rest of the bottom floor of McBryde, is open 24/7. On December 6, 2011, an email was sent out to the CS undergraduate listserv confirming this, as several students had previously incorrectly been told that the building closed at 11pm the night before and asked to leave by a Virginia Tech Police Department officer.

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