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Squires Student Center (SQUIR, #180) is a brick building located along Alumni Mall on the east side of campus. The primary tenants of the building are University Unions and Student Activities and the music department, but the building also contains art galleries, two ballrooms, an art gallery, and offices for student media such as WUVT.

The inner core was completed in 1937, but the building has undergone several changes since then. In 1970, the first addition was completed. The second renovation was completed in 1991, adding the food court area that today contains Au Bon Pain and Sbarro. Sbarro was replaced with Burger 37, a self-branded burger joint that many students compare to Five Guys.

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In 1949, the building was named for John H. Squires as Squires Hall. After the renovation in 1970 was completed, the building was renamed to Squires Student Center. To increase the amount of available space, planning is currently underway to either renovate or replace Squires with a new student center in the next decade.


Food Court

Burger 37

Replaced Sbarro in 2015.

Au Bon Pain

Building Directory

Office Room Number
VTTV 363
Silhouette 344
WUVT 350
SPPS 361
Collegiate Times 363, 365
Bugle 364

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