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In the greater Blacksburg/Christansburg area population is such that you cannot expect the kind of choice available on a large metropolis. However the rest of the New River Valley has such a small population that, in addition to the multinational and multicultural population of Virginia Tech allows a comparatively large selection of available goods.

Food Lion

Food Lion is a subsidiary of the Belgian supermarket multinational Delhaize Le Lion. Unlike its European operations it is not an expensive luxury supermarket with gourmet food. However it is also not a hard discount outlet. In Blacksburg there are 2 supermarkets, one at North Main Street and Patrick Henry Drive and the other at Hethwood Drive near Foxridge. There are also Food Lion outlets in Christiansburg.


Kroger is the largest supermarket retailer in the United States. Shoppers can find a large selection of goods at reasonable prices. It also has a large selection of private label goods and the largest selection of cheeses in Blacksburg. There are 2 supermarkets in Blacksburg, one very big at South Main Street, known as "Gucci Kroger" or "The Kroger of Lesser Disappointment" and another smaller one near the University City Mall, often referred to as "Ghetto Kroger". There is also another large one in Christiansburg, which was infrequently refered to as "Redneck Kroger", prior to a renovation.


Wade's is a local supermarket brand available only in the New River Valley. It does not boast a large selection of goods but has the cheapest fresh fruit available in the area. The nearest Wade's is located on Christiansburg's Roanoke Street close to the Montgomery County building. There is also a Wade's located on Main Street in Radford.


WalMart is the largest retailer in the world. It boasts to have (and often does have) the lowest prices on everything but at the expense of massive exploitation of both its workers and its contractors, making it a very controversial company. There were plans originally to open one behind the First and Main shopping center but due to strong community opposition they did not go through. The nearest WalMart is located in Christiansburg at the intersection of North Franklin and Pepper's Ferry Road (VA 114). There is also a WalMart in Fairlawn at the intersection of US 11 with Peppers Ferry Road.

Eats Natural Foods

Eats is a local organic food shop, located on North Main Street, right near the roundabout. It has a good selection of coffee and teas, as well as the usual natural foods.