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The Open Electronics Lab (OpEL) is an electronics lab on the second floor of Whittemore Hall run by the Electrical and Computer Engineering department. The lab is meant to be a facility open to all students needing the use of an oscilloscope or other hardware. However, it also is where students using the Lab-in-a-Box receive assistance and get assignments graded. Currently the lab only offers oscilloscopes, but a printed circuit board fabrication machine donated to the ECE department is intended for inclusion in the laboratory.


The Open Electronics Lab was first put together in spring of 2007 with funding from the Student Engineers' Council and equipment donated by the ECE department. This lab was located on the third floor of Durham Hall, but fell apart due to personnel issues. The current lab opened in the spring of 2010.

Supported Courses

ECE 2074 Electric Circuit Analysis Laboratory
ECE 2984
ECE 3074 Electric Circuit Analysis Laboratory

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