Whittemore Hall

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Whittemore Hall (WHIT, #134) is a concrete building on the academic side of campus consisting mostly of ECE classrooms, labs, and faculty and staff offices. The ECE and ISE study lounge and the ECE advising offices are located on the third floor of Whittemore. The third floor is surrounded by a large outdoor patio with several picnic benches, which connects via bridges to Durham Hall and Hancock Hall. The ECE facilities in Whittemore include the Open Electronics Lab and the MicrON Clean Room. After-hours card-swipe access to the building is possible through the second floor door across from Durham. The access list is maintained by the ECE department, and contains all ECE majors and students enrolled in at least one ECE course.

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Building Directory

Office Room Number
Open Electronics Lab 219, 222
ECE Main 302
ECE/ISE Student Lounge 318
Student Engineers' Council 328
ECE Advising 340
CAD and Visualization Laboratory 432

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